AQ Dance Auditions

2016/11/06 21:41:55

Angel Novoa

Professional Dancer and Choreographer


The Director Angel Novoa has gained many important credits such as been on National and Local TV such as Univision, WGN Chicago News, ABC Eye witnesses, TV Azteca , MTV3 and Univision Chicago.

He also has danced and choreographed and work with many international artist such as Angel Y Khris, Miguelito, Dyland Y Lanny, La Chilindrina, La Chupitos, Jowell Y Randy, J Quiles, Diego verdaguer, Amanda Miguel , Sandra, and other important artist.
AQ Dance Company is more than a dance studio, but a place where you can become a professional person and a better human being. The Dance director Angel Novoa gives you opportunities to grow up not just as a dancer but as a person. Gives you the chances to be part of his upcoming projects such as ; Backup dancers from different artist, Parades, Expos, Fashion shows, community events and many other important events around Chicago land. The Director is always looking for NEW PEOPLE, NEW DANCERS THAT YOU COULD BE YOU.

Don’t Be Afraid and show the best of yourself

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