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Una Decada de Danza

2015/04/05 11:43:35
  • work work work work work work..... so much to finish.. i know it will be AMAZING..... DE ESO ME ENCARGO YOOOO.... — feeling stressed13 hours ago
  • RT  @kimgarciaa04 : AQ presents Una Decada de Danza, April 5 at 5pm at the Olympic Theatre! Get your tickets now! Only $15! See ya there! htt…15 hours ago
  • Save the date Sunday April 05 2015 ,! UNA DECADA DE DANZA ! Over 25 choreographies ! Doors open at 4… hours ago

why us


    Have extensive experience in techniques in jazz, Ballet, Latin Dances, Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, Folkloric Dance and much more


    Provides flexibility and advice in the selection of waltzes and musical themes.


    Has great imagination!!! Uses special effects through out the Waltzes like fabrics, Chinese fans, candles, mask, mirrors, and much more.


    Creates music that is not sold or promoted in stores. Has the technology necessary for creating, editing and mixing unique music.


    The choreographer organizes very carefully the entire event from entrance to the final surprise dance.

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Celebrating Tenth Productions Angel Dance Quinceañeras

Don’t miss the tenth production Angel Dance Quinceañeras. We will have more than 25 professional choreographies: Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern, Latin, Broadway, reggaeton and more.

This is a great opportunity to know the company, what we do, get ideas for your events and also have the opportunity to win many prizes.

This day you will also have the opportunity to become part of AQ Dance Company. More information you will find it this day. Save the date!

Buy your tickets today, this event is one of most popular events and our tickets are sold fast.

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Get everything for your XV

Would you like to WIN the Quinceañera of your dreams?

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What people think about AQ

  • Angel Novoa siempre hace unos bailes inolvidables!

    Lourdes Diaz
    Lourdes Diaz
  • Quiero darle las gracias a Ángel de Ángel Quinceañeras por ser parte de la alegría en la fiesta de XV Años de mi hija. .toda la coreografía muy Bien.

    Ana Ayala
    Ana Ayala
  • I will like to say thank you Jamie for making my daughters quince unforgetable !!!;) I was so pleased with the waltz & baile sopresa. .....

    Lupita Cordero
    Lupita Cordero
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