OFFICE 1+ (630) 359-5084 | CELL +1 (630)


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A little about us

Experience. Have extensive experience in techniques in jazz, Ballet, Latin Dances, Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, Folkloric Dance and much more profesionalism. Provides flexibility and advice in the selection of waltzes and musical themes.

Creativity. Has great imagination!!! Uses special effects through out the Waltzes like fabrics, Chinese fans, candles, mask, mirrors, and much more.Musical talent and ingenuity. Creates music that is not sold or promoted in stores. Has the technology necessary for creating, editing and mixing unique music.

Quality. The choreographer organizes very carefully the entire event from entrance to the final surprise dance.

"Una Decada de Danza" by Angel Novoa

We believe a product must have a soul to communicate

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